API Testing

This is a collection of various test API's that are used for instructional purposes.

Person Test APIs

These are fake APIs that return random test data.

  • /api/person - /api/person/?limit=3&offset=2
    • List People
    • Option pagination: /api/person/?limit=3&offset=2
    • JSON and XML formats
    • Method Supported:
      • GET - lists a set of randomly generated People
      • POST - creates a new person
  • /api/person/:id - /api/person/23
    • Get a person by ID
    • JSON and XML formats
    • Method Supported: GET
  • /api/person/:id
    • returns a random person. It will be different every time for the same ID.
    • JSON and XML formats

Person HTML Viewer

You can view a Random Person Generator auth

Basic Auth Test End Points

This is a test of basic auth. The user is johndoe and the password is 123456.

  • /secure/me
    • Basic Auth
      • user: johndoe
      • password: 123456

Ping End Point

  • /ping
    • returns pongHTTP status code 200


Common encoding and decoding methods.